Carson High’s top two students graduate with GPAs above 5 |

Carson High’s top two students graduate with GPAs above 5

Valedictorian Anna Glenn


Carson High’s graduation will be held at 9 a.m. today at the CHS football field

Sports, summer work and years of Advanced Placement classes paid off for Anna Glenn and Rachel Rombardo, the Carson High School valedictorian and salutatorian for the class of 2017.

The two graduates finished high school with a 5.48 and 5.44 grade point average, putting them at the top of their class.

“It was difficult to balance my time,” Glenn said. “The hardest part was making the time and finding the motivation when I was tired or busy to get it done.”

Both girls participated in sports like swimming, basketball, tennis, ski team and more as well as participated in several clubs including National Honor Society.

“It was pretty hard not giving up at times,” said Rombardo.

The two completed a combined 23 Advanced Placement classes.

“It is pretty cool, I had the goal to be in the top 10 since freshman year so it’s nice,” Rombardo said. “It is something I wanted to achieve.”

Carson High Principal Tasha Fuson said she’s proud of the two girls.

“Both of these ladies are amazing students,” said Fuson. “We have 482 students (in the graduating class) so to be top two with over 5.0 GPAs is amazing. They are just brilliant and wonderful people and we are very proud of them and their accomplishments.”

Rombardo said the competition was pretty back and forth between the two for who would get the top spot since their junior year.

In the fall, both Carson City natives will be headed out of state for school. Glenn is looking to pursue a degree in science or engineering, though she hasn’t decided where, and Rombardo will be headed to the University of California, Berkeley this fall.

“I want to do something to benefit other people so they have what they need in life so they can make an impact on the world,” Glenn said.

Though both girls grew up in Carson, they’re excited to start college in a new place.

“I am excited to meet new people when I move,” Glenn said. “You get to be on your own and it’s a different world. It will be different but I have been away from home before so I won’t be homesick.”

“I am ready to be done (with high school) and go onto college,” Rombardo added. “I will miss my friends most though … but I am excited to give my speech and graduate.”