Carson Tahoe seeks donations to buy masks for staff |

Carson Tahoe seeks donations to buy masks for staff

Carson Tahoe Health

Carson Tahoe Health is accepting donations to purchase more comfortable masks for staff, according to a news release.

The effects of wearing a standard N95 mask 8-12 hours a day include rashes, breakouts, harsh sores, and pressure impacts on the skin, the release said.

“N95s fit snuggly and over time, they start to leave indents and bruising on your face,” Carson Tahoe ICU nurse Alysha Chiasson said in the release. “Taking care of COVID patients has been physically exhausting because they are extremely sick and require consistent and thorough care.”

According to the release, the reusable N95 Envo mask and filter:

• Provides a superior seal against germs and viruses.

• Uses AIRgel to minimize skin irritation for the caregiver.

• Reduces waste with a frame that can be reused for up to five years.

• Ensures PPE lasts to protect caregivers and patients, despite the current inconsistency of global supply chains.

For $75, you can purchase an N95 Envo mask + 2 months of filters for a Carson Tahoe Health frontline caregiver, the release said.

Sponsor a caregiver on behalf of a loved one, and Carson Tahoe will send a certificate to the gift recipient.

Carson Tahoe has a goal of 1,000 caregivers sponsored in 90 days.

To learn more about Carson Tahoe Health and to sponsor a caregiver, visit