Carson Tahoe’s first COVID, intubated patient leaves center (video) |

Carson Tahoe’s first COVID, intubated patient leaves center (video)

By Carson Tahoe Health

Monday at approximately 4:20 p.m., Carson Tahoe Health wheeled its first COVID-positive, intubated patient, Linda McCain, out of the Regional Medical Center and back home to her family, according to a news release.

Staff gathered in an Honor Walk to cheer McCain, who had been using a ventilator to assist in breathing and fighting the severe respiratory illness, COVID-19. She was brought to tears by the support of Carson Tahoe throughout her stay, as well as during her farewell, as were several staff members, the release said.

“I would like thank everyone within our organization who has had a piece in caring for every COVID patient that has entered our facility,” says Jenna Clark, critical care nurse manager at Carson Tahoe Health. “While Linda’s story is a miracle of sorts, the quality, compassionate care being provided to every COVID patient does not go unrecognized. Because of everyone’s continued efforts, more patients are returning home to their families, and we could not ask for more.”

The moment was celebrated by her family, Carson Tahoe staff, other nearby patients, and her own caregivers.

“Each and every person who came to the Honor Walk made Linda feel so special and loved,” said Dr. Amanda Griffith, attending critical care hospitalist. In a note to staff, she reiterated how much of a difference they make in the lives of our patients.