CCSD transportation faces limitations in routes, capacity |

CCSD transportation faces limitations in routes, capacity

By Thomas Ranson
The Churchill County School District is altering its bus routes and stops this year.
Steve Ranson/LVN

Reduced capacity, limited routes and masks are several of the transportation changes to expect this school year within the Churchill County School District.
Due to the Centers for Disease Control and state’s guidelines regarding COVID-19, capacity on the buses has been reduced to one student per seat, and all aboard must wear a mask. Family members will be assigned seats closer if needed. The school district will not be using in-town routes or the transfer system this fall. 
“Transportation during this time of reduced capacity has been one of the most challenging areas to solve,” the school district said in a release last week. “We continue to encourage any family who can drive their children to and from school this fall, and can also possibly help out a neighbor, to do so.”
Regarding the current directives and guidelines, CCSD Superintendent Dr. Summer Stephens said the district sought a waiver to increase the capacity from 28-30 students per bus but it was denied because social distancing would be compromised. 
Busses, though, will be equipped with hand sanitizer and masks will be provided for students who do not have one on the first day of school next week. Stephens said that schools will hand out two masks per student during the first week of school, but families will need to keep them washed and switched out. Bus drivers will sanitize their buses and keep windows down to increase air flow.
The district announced that the application process for receiving transportation is closed but for families who live in the county and should receive services are encouraged to call the Transportation Department at 775-423-7135 by no later than Friday. Transportation requests for students who live within city limits are also closed. 
“We have a limited number of drivers so that also impacts our ability to have unlimited services for busing at this time,” Stephens added.
Families were contacted Monday if transportation has been reserved, and students who have been approved will be contacted by their bus driver this week. Students that will use any of the four stops within city limits must have applied and received notification that they have been approved.
“We are encouraging families to find ways to get their in-town children to school and even others to do so if they can to help with the transportation concerns,” Stephens said.