Challenger spends big in mayor’s race |

Challenger spends big in mayor’s race

Robyn Moormeister

In the race for mayor, Marv Teixeira has spent more than twice the campaign funds than incumbent Ray Masayko and collected more than $11,000 more in contributions.

Contribution and expenditure forms filed by candidates on Tuesday show Teixeira has received $46,975 in donations, barely covering his spending of $45,664.

“I planned to break even,” Teixeira said. “When people contribute to my campaign, I spend their money to do all I can to win.”

Masayko received a total of $35,697 and spent $20,577, mainly on advertising. That leaves $15,120 in his campaign pocketbook.

“There’s a week to go and a lot of money to be spent,” Masayko said.

He said a campaign mailer and at least two more newspaper ads will quickly eat up that money.

Neither candidate was ready to predict the race’s outcome.

“Ask me after the polls come out,” Teixeira said.

“You should never take anything for granted and work hard to win,” Masayko said, “And that’s what I’ll do.”

One of Teixeira’s biggest campaign contributors is Western Nevada Supply Co., a wholesale distributor of plumbing and air conditioning supplies with offices in Carson City and Sparks. Western Nevada Supply gave Teixeira $2,500.

Carson City developer Clark Russell gave Teixeira a total of $2,000, $1,000 in his name and $1,000 from his company, Capital City Entertainment.

Russell has been entangled in a long legal battle with the city over street abandonment. Masayko has been opposed to settling with Russell, though the city board voted 3-1 to settle with him last month.

Teixeira received his largest donation, $5,000, from Casino Fandango, which offered the money unsolicited, he said.

Masayko’s biggest contributor is listed as a Las Vegas company, Carson Gaming, with a $4,000 donation.

“It’s the parent company of the Fandango,” Masayko said. “They contacted me, and I asked them if I had done something to offend them.”

He said the company made the contribution “not to show favoritism.” A company spokesman couldn’t be reached for comment.

In the race for Ward 2 supervisor, incumbent Shelly Aldean has received a total of $12,877 and spent $10,455.

Her biggest contribution is $2,500 from her family.

Aldean’s challenger, Rebecca Beisenstein, received $938 and spent $939.

Beisenstein said she does not solicit for donations and will not hold any fund-raisers.

Aldean was appointed to the Board of Supervisors in January 2003 following the death of Supervisor Jon Plank. She is president of Glenbrook Co., a Nevada development corporation, and vice-president/corporate broker for Eden Managements, a Nevada property management company.

Beisenstein has worked for the Carson City Public Utilities Division in customer service for 16 years.

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Contributions to Ray Masayko’s campaign

Aug. 27- Oct. 21


Capital Glass $500

Carson City Republican Central

Committee $2,885

Carson City Republican Women $500

Carson Gaming, LLC $4,000

Cheney Construction $250

Ted Contri $500

Ralph Crow $150

D-Paul Development $500

Dynamic Diversified Development $1,000

Larry Green $200

Harley-Davidson $500

Gertrude Hushbeck $200

Kenny Guinn for Governor $1,000

Doug Maselli Drywall $500

Nannette Moffett $150

R.L. Shaheen Co., LLC $2,000

Raggio Senate Campaign $250

Richard and Kate Reich $250

Garth Richards $500

Rowe & Hales, LLC $250

Silver Oak Homes, Inc. $1,000

Stanton Park Development, Inc. $2,000

Jeanne Stokke $150

Bob Thomas $500

Henry & Susan Thomas $2,000

J.I & L.A. Urbina $500

Contributions to Marv Teixeira’s campaign

Aug. 27 – Oct. 21

Richard Wipfli $200

Gerald Massad $200

JPL Management, LLC $200

Freeman Williams $200

Janice Ayres $200

Deborah Martin $200

Cottonwood Mobile Home Park $200

William Fergus $200

Jeanette Kelley $300

Julius and Joanne Ballardini $350

Chris Barrett $200

Bob McFadden $1,000

Telegraph Associates $500

MadCap, LLC. $500

Richard Ham $500

Clark and Jean Russell $1,000

Moonlighting Personnel $200

Scott and Collette Burau $300

T&D Machine Products, Inc. $500

Coldwell Banker Best Sellers $200

Gerald Massad $250

Western Nevada Supply Co. $2,500

The Sheerin Family Trust $300

Carson City Republican Women $500

Digman Inc. $250

Cubix Ormsby LLC $500

Kim Foster $200

J.F. Bawden $1,000

Bruce Robertson $500

Small Community Property Trust $500

Michael Fondi $150

Gary Andreas $200

Bret Andreas $200

Hohl Motor Co. $200

David Leid $300

Kurt Brown $500

Dr. James Colgan $400

Sperry Van Ness $2,000

Capital City Entertainment $1,000


Eureka Builders $500