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Cheers & Kudos

Supporters of annual jog-a-thon help enhance

children’s education at Bordewich Bray

On behalf of the Bordewich Bray Elementary School staff, we would like to give a special thank you to all of the students, parents, businesses and other friends who recently supported our jog-a-thon. The generosity of our community helps us to support and enhance our children’s education through various enrichment activities throughout the year.

We would like to recognize the following businesses and individuals for their support:

Costco, Save-Mart, Pizza King, B’Sghetti’s, Grocery Outlet, Grandma Hattie’s, Helen Weimer and the Governor’s Mansion, Veronica Camp, Cecilia Tung, and the Ruff family.

Thanks also to the parents who helped with our event from counting the money to handling out snacks, taking pictures, monitoring the track and to Gracie, our school mascot.


Linda Hurzel

jog-a-thon chairwoman

Resident says thanks to those who ‘came to her rescue’ and changed tire

I wanted to say thank you to the great guys at Nevada Pro Com for coming to my rescue when my car blew a tire on College Parkway.

You were so kind and quick, you would have thought I had a pit crew. Seriously, I lost out on nothing in my day because you took time away from yours. You’re awesome.


Kristina Gonzales

Carson City

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