Cheers & Kudos Feb. 14, 2010 |

Cheers & Kudos Feb. 14, 2010

What a wonderful world! Mrs. Donna Works, teacher at Carson Middle School, received the fit of a life time last week. Two former students, Melissa Hoffman and Michael Fox, visited her classroom to wish her a happy birthday. Who could believe that they would remember, let alone take the time out of their busy lives to do this?

Know Mrs. Works’ love of Dalmatians, these two remarkable people created a beautiful cake decorated with an adorable Dalmatian design, including a hand drawn Dalmatian head right in the middle. It was delectably delicious as well, of course.

Such a generous gesture of kindness, affection and respect is a tribute to both the teacher and the students.

It is a reflection of all that Donna pours into her classroom day after day, that her students would want to acknowledge and honor her years after she touched their lives. It also demonstrates the enormity of heart and spirit in these young people. Talk about positive role models!

Donna, Melissa and Michael are shining examples of the quality and caliber of the educators and students we have here in Carson City.

We, as a community, can all be proud of the way we are represented by them. Those of us who have the privilege to work with and know them are nothing short of blessed.

Thank you for all you do.

Mary Van Kirk

Carson City

On the 18th of January, I suffered a subdural hematoma. I was in the back bedroom of our home. My husband Dennis could not hear me calling out to him so I dialed my friend Christeen Hanson’s cell phone. By the time the phone connected, I could not talk. Recognizing my number, she dialed 911.

By the time she reached my home, a mile or so away, the EMTs were here. I had recovered most of my speech by then. We went to Ironwood Medical Center where I was CT scanned and the brain bleed was discovered.

Due to snow conditions, I could not be helicoptered to Reno but was transported Code 3 to Renown Trauma Center. I was in ICU for 8 days.

I am now home and recovering nicely. This was NOT my first rodeo … but I have never been so frightened in my life.

Had it not been for my friend, the EMT personnel and my wonderful “family” at Ironwood, I might not have made it. My husband and I wish to thank all of you. We are so lucky to live here.

Carol and Dennis OKeefe


The Carson City Raiders Booster Club would like to extend a big “THANK YOU” to the following for their generosity in helping our members bring holiday cheer and gifts to homebound seniors: Carson Lanes, It’s a Girl Thang Consignment, Round Table Pizza, Deuces Grill, Cactus Jack’s, Keva Juice, Red’s Old 395 Grill, Eagle Valley Golf Course, Casino Fandango, Gold Dust West, Lake Tahoe Harvey’s/Harrah’s, Wal-Mart and Eternally Yours.


Ed Cabello

CCRBC Public Relations