Cheers & Kudos for March 14 |

Cheers & Kudos for March 14

I just want to thank all the parents that volunteer in our schools.

I read a lot of letters that complain about us being one of the lowest graded states in education.

Well, can I ask you a question? How much do you volunteer at your child’s school?

On a more positive note, I want to thank the class act men of Bently and the class act men of GE who with big smiles and great attitudes came to my son’s school (Jacks valley Elementary), and volunteered six hours of their precious time.

You have brought pride to so many children, teachers, administrators and parents. You have given priceless memories to so many people.

To Adriene Bilotta and her volunteer staff:

Your hard work in organizing such a huge task as the Science Fair is much appreciated. You and all the great teachers are these young children’s future and you are doing a heck of a job! You are raising champions and one of those champions is my son.

To all the children in Mrs. Winquest fifth grade class representing JVES (Luke, Morghan, Kayla, Julie, Reagan, Christian, and Courtney): Knock them dead in Reno!

Thank you to everyone. You are the example that we can make a difference, one child at a time. Sincerely,

Sunni Enciso Heinrichs

Carson City

My family would like to thank Silver Springs WoodPreserve for the gift baskets of food and presents for Christmas that were bestowed on us during a struggling time.

God Bless You!!

Gretchen Wood and Family

Silver Springs