Church connects with FISH to help those in need |

Church connects with FISH to help those in need

Sally J. Taylor

It took only three men to make the delivery and 100 people to collect 800 pounds of food to stock the food supplies of FISH on Tuesday.

It started with an observation made by members of the Carson Connected Church of the Nazarene: The food shelves at FISH desperately needed restocking.

So Jim Peckham, the executive director of the service organization, was invited to speak to the church about how they could help those in need in Carson City, especially with food donations.

Throughout January, the small congregation of about 100 members collected food supplies.

Connected’s Senior Pastor Steve Walker explained that the biblical book of James says the only religion that God sees as right is the one that cares for widows and orphans.

“We find it to be a great ministry to support those ministries that do this,” he said.

The congregation had recently been through its own hardship.

Two years ago, an arson fire burned Connected Church out of it’s home at 900 Mallory Way. They met in the Seventh-day Adventist Church for a year before their building was ready for the return of the congregation.

“It’s kind of nice to get something to bring this congregation together in a common project,” Walker said, of the food drive.

“There will always be people in need in the Carson area and Connected Church will continue to support FISH and their mission to helping our neighbors in their hardship,” Walker said.