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Gregg Malkovich

Occupation: Retired Educator

Age: 52

Contact: 775-835-9106;

Gregg Malkovich

Record of Service: I am Gregg Malkovich, a retired educator with more than 29 years of teaching and administrative experience (all in the state of Nevada, with 3 years in Elko, 1 in Lyon, and the remaining 25+ years in Churchill County School District). Ten of these years were in teaching and the remaining in administration. I’ve taught 3rd, 4th, 6th grade and PE, worked as an Elementary School Principal (2000-2004 and 2008-2019), Assistant Superintendent of Personnel and Student Services (2004-2008), and Co-Interim Superintendent of Schools for Churchill County School District. I served as an Educational Instructor at Western Nevada College as well. In my educational career, I have seen, defined, brainstormed, funded, and solved problems within the educational venue. I’m skilled in encouraging, supporting, and negotiating positive change in schools. I’ve affected teacher effectiveness positively using a variety of methods and have knowledge and respect of and for the inter-workings of the educational system at the school, district, and state level. I have written and implemented several state and federal grants. I’ve also served in the Montana Forest Service (1988-1993) as a firefighter and recreation technician.

Education: I graduated from Butte High School in Butte, MT in 1986, obtained my Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education from Western Montana College (now the University of Montana Western) in 1989, and obtained my Masters of Educational Leadership from the University of Nevada, Reno in 1996. I also accrued over 90 educational credit hours of Professional Development throughout my educational career at ChurchillCSD.


All children have the right to a high-quality education which honors each child’s needs and prepares each for the unique path each will take. Every child deserves educational personnel that care, respect, and grow while encouraging every child to do the same. Every child deserves school and district leadership that is fearless to look forward to creating a bright future by understanding the successes and missteps of the past. Every child deserves leadership that is informed, well-rounded, reflective, and fiscally responsible. Leadership must have integrity and the courage to do what is right even in the face of controversy. Every child deserves leadership that focuses physical, human, and fiscal capital to efficiently and effectively meet the mission, vision, and values of ChurchillCSD and Fallon. This focused lens allows leadership to reach out and assist to meet these goals without overstepping the boundaries of its role.

What makes you the most qualified candidate for this position?

I am the most qualified candidate for ChuchillCSD Trustee. I’ve lived in the community since 1993, serving more than 29 years in Education. I’ve worked for 9 different Superintendents and dozens of School Board Trustees. I’ve attended dozens of school board meetings and sat through multiple closed sessions in the roles of Assistant Superintendent, Principal, and parent. I’ve experienced working with school district attorneys on issues to ensure ChurchillCSD’s interests and have worked through budget cuts as well as times of growth. I’ve recruited teachers and had to see positions cut. I’ve hired over 100 past and current school district employees and conducted job performance evaluations for nearly every position within ChurchillCSD. I am confident I can successfully engage in evaluating the Superintendent. I have worked with and have been a member of organizations with other Nevada district superintendents and individuals at the Nevada Department of Education to include work with NDE folks to obtain grant funding for our PreK program and to advance Early Childhood programs. I understand what it means to be a School Board Trustee. My experiences will allow me to make very informed voting decisions which impact Fallon students, families, staff, and community. I understand that the decisions made must reflect the reason schools exist…….students! I believe that more budget cuts are coming, but Fallon has been through many of these and has always bounced back…We are a true “Can Do” city. I have the experience and historical knowledge of the district that very few others in Fallon could. I can share things that have been done, things that have worked and things that haven’t. I believe that as we “move forward” and charter new territories, As a retired educator, I can help “give back” time, energy, dedication, and knowledge for the benefit of our community.

Philip Pinder

Occupation: Retired teacher and coach. Current school board member

Age: 66


Record of service: I have 43 years of educational experience. My first seven years I worked in private schools teaching two years of elementary and five years of high school. I also was a vice principal at the private school for one year. I taught at Churchill County School District for 32 years at the secondary levels. During my career I coached a variety of sports including cross country, football, tennis, golf, track, softball and basketball. I was inducted into the Churchill County Hall of Fame in 2019. I am currently serving my first term on the Churchill County School Board. During my time on the board I have earned my Certified Public Official certification which is earned by attending 60+ hours of instructional classes and seminars. I also have served on the budget and policy committees during my tenure.

Philip Pinder

Education: Bachelor of Arts degree Stanislaus State University, Turlock, CA; Lifetime teaching credential earned in California


My platform is short but very important: students first, teachers second and everyone else that supports the first two next. I want to continue to try and bring the best system of education to our students and teachers. Additionally, I would like to see our graduation rate increase to at least 90%.

It is important we educate all students and give relevance to their choice of studies. Historically, of our students who graduate, about 33% will go on to attend college. Therefore, while continuing to provide meaningful education to our college bound students, I would like to continue to improve our career and education programs (CTE) for those students who choose not to attend college, thereby helping them to become employable after high school or ready to attend a technical or trade school.

What makes you the most qualified candidate for this position?

I bring 43 years of educational experience with me to the table. This includes 39 years as a teacher, countless hours of coaching, and four years of school board experience. I have lived in this community for over 35 years. I raised my family here. I want the best possible education opportunities offered to every student.

I have learned a lot in my four years of serving on the school board:

How to work with six other board members and a superintendent to get things accomplished;

How to review and create relevant policies for our school district;

How to be a sounding board for our community, taking their concerns and ideas to our school board meetings;

How to best support our teachers and staff;

How to make hard decisions on budget matters.

If re-elected I will use my experience, knowledge and passion for education to represent Churchill County School District to the best of my abilities. Thank you for your support.

Tricia Strasdin

Occupation: Teacher / incumbent Churchill County School Board Trustee

Age: 45

Contact Info:

Record of Service: Prior to being elected for my 2017-2020 term, I was appointed to serve on the school board in June of 2016. I have met all state mandated professional development hours according to NRS 386.327, and I have an excellent attendance record.

Tricia Strasdin

Education: Bachelors Degree in Education


I won’t mislead you, I’m open minded, and I’m fiscally conservative. I am terribly concerned about the upcoming effects to our budget. I am also concerned about the effects that school closures have had on the academic and social growth of our children. I strive to pay close attention to State-wide directives that might be appropriate for Clark County and Washoe County but seem to be out of touch with the rural communities.

In addition to being a teacher, parent, and active citizen I am the only candidate with 30 years private sector working experience, currently teaching in a classroom, and have children attending Churchill County School District. I am seeking re-election because prior to the pandemic, the school board had begun an in-depth look at education in Churchill County and pinpointing the areas in which our students would benefit most. My decision to seek re-election was not taken lightly. I chose to possibly continue my commute and serve with passion and dignity to continue this work in Churchill County. It is no secret that Nevada falls behind in education, but that doesn’t have to be the reality for Churchill County.

What makes you the most qualified candidate for this position?

 I am a life-long Fallon resident and a product of the Churchill County School District. I currently teach in Lyon County because the law prohibits me from teaching and being on the school board for the same district. My passion for education is evidenced by the fact that while working fulltime and raising a very busy family, I earned my bachelor’s degree in education. I spent many evenings in a lecture, countless nights up past 1am and multiple weekends in a gym surrounded by books and my laptop. And while my passion for education is obvious, it’s not what makes me the most qualified candidate for school board. My strongest qualification for this position is my 30 years of experience working in the private sector. My years in private business educated me in the areas of full-charge bookkeeping, negotiating contracts with insurance companies, billing insurance, customer billing, customer service, human resources and endless administrative duties. My combined experience working for private businesses and now my work in education, provides me a balanced perspective that is unmatched by any of my running mates – and that type of balance is critical for this position. In addition, I have also earned my Certified Public Officer certification through the State of Nevada. This certification is designed for elected officials and focuses on the areas of Public Finance, Governance, Community Engagement, and Employment Relations just to name a few. I have served on our School Board for over 4 years, I have an excellent attendance record, and I am committed to facing the upcoming challenges that are sure to affect Churchill County with the energy and discernment that Fallon deserves.

Lee Tisdale

Occupation: Retired high school math teacher

Age: 74

Contact:; 775-560-4860

Record of service: Army National Guard; president of Bethany Lutheran Church (Minnesota);

retired after 14 years of teaching in Churchill County School District;

Education: BS degree: math major and physics Mayville State University


Lee Tisdale

I would like to see education at high school level be more relevant to the work force. I would like to see competition make us better at what we do. Competition should make us all perform better. We have many positive things happening in the district outside of sports. I am big believer in career and technical training. College is not for everyone. Any

What makes you the most qualified candidate for this position?

In 2002 I was encouraged to teach again at age 56. I took the challenge and retired after 14 years teaching math in Churchill County School District. These were 14 of the best years of my life. I love this community, its churches, its values, wonderful families and your wonderful children.

I have a lot of experience in business and education, but I think my biggest assets are my math skills, my dedication to preparation and planning. I try very hard to be a good listener both in the classroom and public. I have been blessed and I want to show my gratitude by serving as a school board trustee. I love the Greenwave. I bleed green. I believe I could have a positive influence on this school district.

Kathryn Whitaker

Occupation: Teacher/ current school board member

Age: 48

Contact Info:

Record of Service: Churchill County School Board 2015-2020, Churchill County School Board president 2019, Churchill County School Board Policy Committee chair 2016-2020, Churchill County School Board Discipline and Attendance Committee chair 2015-2018, Churchill County School Board Budget Committee 2015-2017, Churchill County School District Budget Committee parent representative 2012-2014, Numa Elementary Parent Involvement Committee chair 2011-2013, Nevada Association of School Boards Legislative Committee chair 2019, Nevada Association of School Boards vice president 2020

Kathryn Whitaker

Education: Brigham Young University, B.A., English literature; minor, animal science


My platform is improving student achievement. In 2018, the Churchill County School Board, of which I was a member, developed a strategic plan that would address the concerns and needs of both the community and the district in order to help students achieve in school and after graduation. The strategic plan addresses the need to support students as they prepare for college, technical school or an immediate career. Factors contributing to student achievement include multiple pathways of learning, effective instruction, curriculum and assessment, positive behaviors for students and staff, and improved student attendance. Continued improvement in communication between teachers and students, teachers and parents, district and teachers, district and parents, and district and the community must also be a focus. Lastly, a budget process that focuses on student achievement is also vitally important.

What makes you the most qualified candidate for this position?

I am the most qualified because of my experience locally and on the state level, my ability to synthesize information, and my commitment to all students in the community. Locally, I have been part of the board as we developed the district’s strategic plan and new budget policy. I have also served on several district committees that give me a clear understanding and overview of the responsibilities of the district to educate all students. 

On the state level, I served as the Nevada Association of School Board’s legislative chair during the 2019 legislature. I was responsible for reading every bill draft regarding education, assigning my committee to read and respond to proposals, collecting and organizing the responses then writing NASB’s final response to each piece of proposed education legislation. I currently serve as NASB’s vice president. My involvement with NASB has allowed me to influence state education legislation in ways that Churchill County wouldn’t otherwise.

I also have the ability to read and synthesize information efficiently and effectively. A school board member should read all information publicly posted in the board book before every board meeting. I read the information, ask questions, examine and process the information so I make the most informed decisions I can as a board member. As policy committee chair I have read and reviewed district policy for clarity, necessary revisions, and errors. Because school boards do most of their governing through policy, my experience on this committee is invaluable.

I am committed to all students. When the board evaluates student achievement, I consider every student and his or her needs. Not every student plans to attend college, some students are struggling with learning English, others live in unsafe home environments. As a board member I understand my responsibility to support all students regardless of their situations.