City introduces bills for review |

City introduces bills for review

Christine Kuklica

The Fallon City Council held its second meeting of the month on Tuesday evening at City Hall

The council members brought forth five new ordinances that they will discuss on Oct. 15.

The City Council introduced the five bills they want to review:

Codify the powers and duties of the executive branch of the government of the city of Fallon by clarifying the roles of the mayor, city clerk-treasurer, city attorney, chief of police, city engineer, director of public works and other offices created by the City Council.

Codify the powers and duties of the Legislative branch of the government regarding the election of council members, general powers of city council, time and pace of meetings and compliance with open meeting law.

Amend the procedure for appointment of deputy and assistant city officers, police captains and designation of existing offices.

Correct a codification error in the designation of voting wards. This clarifies the city’s three voting wards and their boundaries.

Redefine the term “business” as it applies to business licensing by clarifying “business” means all professions, trades, occupations and callings of every kind carried on for profit, renting or leasing of more than four residential units, and persons or entities that hold garage sales, yard sales or similar sales three or more times a calendar year.

The reasoning for the ordinances being introduced and reviewed is so they can be brought up to code with Nevada Revised Statues.