Click to help Nevada get free books |

Click to help Nevada get free books

I recently received an e-mail from my friend, Mary Jane Harding, whom many might recognize for her involvement with Douglas County Republican Women (she was their president a bit ago) and the Nevada GOP.

In her e-mail, she explains how our children could be the recipients of a First Book distribution, which, if we get enough votes, would give Nevada’s children 50,000 new children’s books!

How awesome that would be.

Everyone’s help is needed. All you have to do is vote now through Tuesday, once each day.

When Mary Jane first sent the e-mail, Nevada was in 43rd place. In her update sent Tuesday, Nevada was in eighth place.

This is what her e-mail read in part:

“First Book distributes new books to applicant organizations that serve areas with 80 percent low-income populations. The books are free, but there is a $0.25 per book shipping charge. However, when organizations pick up the books at the distribution site, the books are TRULY free.”

If Nevada wins the distribution, libraries, schools, and early-care and education programs can apply for and pick up thousands of free new books for low-income children.

Here’s the link:

In the white box with the blue border, look for the question, “Where would you like to send 50,000 new children’s books?” and select “Nevada” from the drop-down menu. Click “submit.”

You can also tell First Book which book got you hooked on reading and why.

So, folks, take the time to cast your vote. So many children have no access to books, and reading is a skill that sets the foundation for every bit of learning that follows.

Plus, reading really is a joyous experience that allows children of all ages (adult ones, too) to learn, to see new places and grow ideas and imagination.

Get voting, and remember to take time to read or have your child read to you. That’s all it takes to grow reading children.

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