Coming in Thursday’s Nevada Appeal |

Coming in Thursday’s Nevada Appeal

Amy Lisenbe/Nevada AppealRebecca Martin, left, portraying Snow White, and Emma Sperry, portraying the Wicked Queen, rehearse the apple scene during a Brewery Arts Center Stage Kids rehearsal of Snow White.

Tim Kelly was a newspaperman who edged over into writing plays, eventually creating more than 300 productions.

One of those is his version of the Snow White fairy tale.

He had a vision of theater for children, and “Snow White” is part of that dream.

“Essentially, I’m a storyteller. To a certain extent, I suppose, I do favor plot over character. What advice would I give to the aspiring playwright? Don’t let anyone put you or your play down. If you don’t believe in your play, no one else will. And remember “there are no creative absolutes. Don’t let anyone tell you differently.”

The BAC Stage Kids open their production of Tim Kelly’s “Snow White,” his colorful and endearing adaptation of the classic fairy tale.

The show will run two weekends in the Donald W. Reynolds Black Box Theatre at the Brewery Arts Center.

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