Coming in Thursday’s Nevada Appeal |

Coming in Thursday’s Nevada Appeal

Staff reports
Cathleen Allison/Nevada AppealJim Chapman, of Rick's Floor Covering of Carson City, lays carpet at Doppelgangers. Formerly Stew's, the brew pub and restaurant is planning to open Sept. 14.

Managers of a new downtown restaurant and brew pub at the historic Lucky Spur say their business will help bring nightlife back downtown.

“All in all, I think it’s something that Carson doesn’t have,” said Tara Alto, event coordinator at Doppelgangers Bar and Grill, which is opening Sept. 14 at the corner of Carson and Proctor streets.

He’s built like Wolf Pack defensive line coach Jim House may come calling any moment.

He’s on a traveling baseball team with Little Leaguers three years his senior.

Obsessed with all-things football (especially the Denver Broncos), he charges into his living room after school, finds his helmet and immediately begins tinkering with the face mask.

Oh yeah, he’s also one of the top 400 young scientists in the nation.