Coming in Thursday’s Party of One |

Coming in Thursday’s Party of One

I don’t know what I did to anger the gods and make them take revenge by causing them to provide me with excruciating pain in my upper back, but two things are certain: I probably deserve it and it doesn’t appear to be going away.

I was fine, going about my normal business the other day, when I realized I forgot to put my contacts in, so I walked upstairs to do just that.

About five steps up, something popped and I collapsed to the floor in agonizing pain. It took several minutes to crawl to the bed, where I remained for awhile, silently wondering what I would do if the pain didn’t subside.

It’s really an interesting debate, because there are two distinct parts of my brain that believe totally different things.

The left ” or logical ” side believes that I am a wuss and that pain is part of life and I should “walk it off” and get back to work.

The right ” or creative ” side believes that this is a sign from my body that I need to slow down and take time to heal.

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