Commission canvass votes from primary election |

Commission canvass votes from primary election

Staff Report

Churchill County commissioners met Friday to canvass the votes cast in the county for the 2020 primary elections and convened two days prior to the canvassing for their regularly scheduled meeting.

In the local races, incumbent Harry “Bus” Scharmann lost to Justin Heath for Commission District 1, 1,882 to 1,686. Heath will take his oath of office in January.

In the Commission District 3 race, Kelli Kelly defeated Keith Boone, 731 votes to 406 on the Democratic side. She will face the winner of the Republican race, Gregory S. Koenig, in the general election this fall. He defeated Michael “Mick” Casey, 2,265 to 1,278.

Marion Jonte, the sole candidate for the Mosquito, Vector and Noxious Weed Abatement Board, received 4,986 votes.

Commissioners also canvassed Churchill County votes for statewide races and Assembly 38, which represents Churchill and Lyon counties. Republican incumbent Dr. Robin Titus defeated fellow Republican Jeff Ulrich, 2,830 to 744 votes. There will be no general election.

During Wednesday’s meeting, the commissioners heard a report from the Bureau of Land Management’s Stillwater Field Office, Carson City District. The BLM has nine active mineral explorations active, and geothermal sales go out for bid on Oct. 16 for 16 parcels amounting to 28,000 acres.

The BLM said it’s making improvements on camping sites and safety at Sand Mountain, and the agency received funding for improvements to Grimes Pint and Hidden Cave.

Commissioners recognized employees from the first and second quarter for their service. Those from the first quarter are Deanna Tomb, comptroller, 5 years; Kenneth Tye, juvenile probation, 5 years; Laura Klein, Parks & Recreation, 5 years; Maureen Smith, Parks & Recreation, 25 years; and Brenda Ingram, Court Services, 30 years.

Second quarter: Joseph Sanford, District Attorney’s office, 5 years; Hannah Zamora, Sheriff’s Office, 5 years; Brian Miller, Sheriff’s Office, 5 years; Tiffany Josephs, District Court, 5 years; Julie Benninghove, District Court, 5 years; Gary Fowkes, Road Department, 5 years; Lane Mills, District Attorney’s office, 15 years; and Diane Wargo, Churchill County Library, 25 years.

Commissioners took action on the following agenda items:

• Accepted renewal proposal from Nevada Public Agency Insurance Pool (POOL) and approval for payment from Fiscal Year 2020-2021 funds.

• Approved a Project Letter of Intent and a Project Grant Application to request Nevada Board for Financing Water Projects Capital Improvement Grant funding for the Sand Creek redundant well official.

• Approved Resolution 11-2020, which seeks to augment the Fiscal Year 2019-2020 budget in accordance with the Nevada Revised Statutes 2020-A.

• Conducted first hearings for ordinances 12, 32, 74, 76, and 90.

• Declared four vehicles held by the Churchill County Sheriff’s Office as surplus property and authorizes the items to be sold at auction or disposed of in any manner.

• Approved a request from Domestic Violence Intervention (DVI) for dismissal of rent payments for space in the Churchill County Annex Building, effective July 1, 2020 through June 30, 2021

Karen Moessner, DVI director said the coronavirus depleted one of their biggest funding sources. She said everyone in state has been cut 60%. (31.5% in one fund) Moessner said she has written two grants through CARES act. If approved by July 1, she said DVI could pay rent.

• Ratified the State of Nevada, Department of Health and Human Services, Aging and Disability Services Division’s Notice of Sub-Award to Churchill County Social Services for $59,792.45 to provide technology resources to access support services

• Ratified the Sub-Award from Churchill Community Coalition to Churchill County Social Services for $15,000 to provide technology resources to access support services

Coalition has $15,000 it muse use before end of the fiscal year.

• Ratified a Sub-Award from United Way of Northern Nevada Emergency Food and Shelter Program to Churchill County Social Services of $9,000 to provide mortgage assistance to Churchill County residents affected by COVID-19. This fund used for individual to pay for mortgages. Impacted by COVID.

• Ratified a Sub-Award from the State of Nevada, Grants Management Unit, for the CARES ACT funding for $38,39.

• Approved a class specification (job description) for a code compliance official; public defender; deputy public defender I/II; modifications to class specifications for a legal secretary and a legal secretary trainee.