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6 arrested in Carson City meth case

Six people face felony drug charges after Carson City deputies responded to the Brown Street area on a tip people were selling drugs out of two vehicles in the neighborhood.

After everything was totaled up in the series of arrests, the report states a total of 19.6 grams of methamphetamine were confiscated by officers.

The arrest report says deputies watched as Cheryl Jacobsen, 44, entered and shortly after left the residence at 3409 Sherman Lane, followed by Mary Migliozzi, 58, who lived at that residence. Both women’s vehicles were stopped for traffic violations and a drug-sniffing dog alerted to the presence of controlled substances.

Jacobsen was arrested on suspicion of trafficking in meth, conspiracy and conspiracy to conceal evidence and held in lieu of $62,500 bail.

The report says a search of Migliozzi’s vehicle turned up 10 small bags in the center console, one with a trace of meth inside, along with $789 in cash.

The report states she consented to a search of her phone, which contained a series of text messages arranging for drug sales. She also had 3.4 grams of meth on her person and admitted to deputies there was more meth and paraphernalia at her home.

Migliozzi was arrested on suspicion of trafficking in meth, conspiracy, possession for sale and possession as well as possession of paraphernalia.

Her bail totals $99,050.

During that arrest, another text message came to her phone to arrange for another drug deal. Following the text, deputies caught up with Jerry Feise and Debbie Havener at the CVS parking lot on Highway 50; both were arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to violate the uniform controlled substances act, possession of meth and possession of paraphernalia. They were each jailed in lieu of $23,500 bail.

Donald McClain, also a resident of the Sherman Lane residence, was arrested on his return from work and arrested on suspicion of trafficking, possession of meth and paraphernalia as well as attempting to destroy evidence of a gram of meth on his person. His bail was set at $46,300.

Amanda Stockton, 39, also a resident of the Sherman Lane home, was also arrested on trafficking, possession and possession of prescription drugs as well as conspiracy. She was also arrested on suspicion of attempting to conceal or destroy evidence after deputies say Jacobsen called her to come to the residence and hide the evidence. Her bail was set at $65,000.