California man arrested in Carson City on child pornography charges |

California man arrested in Carson City on child pornography charges

A California man was arrested in Carson City Wednesday on suspicion of statutory sexual seduction and production of child pornography.

Jared Foley, 19, of Markleville, Calif., was arrested for felony use of a minor in a production of child pornography, felony possession of child pornography and statutory sexual seduction after deputies were tipped off to Foley having sexual intercourse with a 15-year-old girl.

Deputies found Foley and the girl, identified as a runaway from Fallon naked in a Carson City motel. The girl told deputies the two had consensual sexual intercourse and he was arrested for statutory.

Upon investigation, detectives discovered videos and other evidence on Foley’s cell phone of Foley and the girl having sexual intercourse. Detectives booked him on the additional charges of production and possession of child pornography.

Detective Salvador Acosta, lead detective on the case, said the pair met through Facebook and they were in Carson because Foley went to school in the area.

Nevada law states a child can’t give consent for sexual intercourse until the age of 16. If the offender is under 21, it’s a gross misdemeanor, if the offender is over 21, it’s a category C felony.

The case has been handed to the District Attorney, and Foley appeared in court Friday morning and his preliminary hearing was scheduled for Oct. 27. He’s being held on bail for $100,000.

“Obviously, these initial reports involve allegations of some pretty disturbing behavior,” said Carson City District Attorney Jason Woodbury. “We’re going to be taking a very hard look at this as the Sheriff’s Office completes its investigation.”

Detectives are conducting follow up investigation to make sure there are no other victims, though no more victims are suspected.