Carson City Fire Department has new logo |

Carson City Fire Department has new logo

Carson City Fire Chief Bob Schreihans stands next to a fire truck with the department's new logo.
Taylor Pettaway / Nevada Appeal | Taylor Pettaway / Nevada Appeal

The Carson City Fire Department is making some changes.

The department debuted a new logo last week that will be featured on all of their vehicles and as the patches on their uniforms. Fire Chief Bob Schreihans said the old logo didn’t accurately represent the fire department.

“It just didn’t fit to the fire department, so when I took over, I tried to see how to change it to a much more fitting logo,” Schreihans said.

To do so, the department held an internal contest for its staff to design the new logo. Firefighter/paramedic Eric Higman with the help of two co-workers came up with the design. It took nearly a year to get the logo designed and onto the trucks because the department had to use a special cleaner to get the previous logo off its vehicles before sticking the new one on.

“Now it’s more specific to the Fire department and it helps us upgrade the vision of how we want people to see the department,” Schreihans said.

The new logo also now says Fire/Rescue, a feature that wasn’t in the previous logo.

“It now says rescue too, because that is something we do a lot of every year,” Schreihans said. “Everyone likes the new logo and it came from within so we can’t complain.”

In addition to the new logo, the department also just received new iPads last month for its ambulances that will provide better and faster technology for the paramedics inside the rigs. It took nearly two years to receive the new iPads, because the department was waiting on the new dispatch software update to be complete.

“Now the rigs have greater technology and software,” Schreihans said. “And we are only paying about $700-800 per unit instead of about $3,500 that we were paying for the old ones so that is saving taxpayers money too.”

The fire engines have yet to be equipped with the iPads, but are expected to receive iPad Pros next week.