Carson City sheriff: ’tis the season for burglaries |

Carson City sheriff: ’tis the season for burglaries

With the holiday season starting, the Carson City Sheriff’s Office advises residents to be safe and cautious to avoid becoming the victim of a burglary.

This season is when vehicle burglaries increase and residents should be cautious of leaving valuables in their vehicles and make sure the vehicle is always locked.

“While we have increased operations for the holiday season, we ask people to be constantly aware,” Sheriff Ken Furlong said. “There is no replacement for being a victim.”

To help combat the increase of burglaries, the Sheriff’s Office will have reserve deputies, volunteers and patrol units around shopping center and business parking lots. Furlong said most thefts are those of opportunity with valuables in sight in the vehicle.

“It is simple, don’t leave objects readily visible from the outside,” Furlong said.

Furlong said women also need to be aware when walking in the parking lots with their purses.

“Make sure you have a strong hold on your purse, it takes only seconds for someone to snatch it from you,” Furlong said. “If anyone ever feels unsafe walking to their vehicle, contact the store and I am certain every store in Carson will have an employee escort you.”

He said neighbors should also be vigilant during the holidays for any suspicious activity. “While we have had a good year with a decrease in home burglaries, ‘tis the season for them,” Furlong said. “Call us with anything suspicious, I welcome those calls because you know your neighborhood better than I do and you know when something isn’t right.”