Carson City Sheriff’s Log: Man arrested on suspicion of felony child neglect |

Carson City Sheriff’s Log: Man arrested on suspicion of felony child neglect

The following people were booked into the Carson City Jail. All are considered innocent until proven guilty in court.


• At 2:59 p.m., Shawna Martinez, 46, was arrested on suspicion of felony counts including burglary, uttering a forged instrument possession of a controlled drug and using a false ID to avoid prosecution after she allegedly tried to buy $1,900 worth of items using fictitious traveler’s checks. She also was charged with possession of a hypodermic needle. Total bail in the case was set at $47,500.

• At 3:55 p.m., a 43-year-old was arrested on suspicion of domestic battery-first offense after his wife said he hit her during an argument at their Burton Street residence. He was held in lieu of $3,000 bail.

• At 4:37 p.m., a 35-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of felony drug possession after a traffic stop on North Carson Street for using a cellphone while driving. A drug dog alerted deputies to a bag containing meth. He also was charged with driving without a license in possession and total bail set at $2,560.

• At 5:31 p.m., two people were arrested on suspicion of felony drug charges after an informant pointed deputies to a room at the Carson City Inn on Carson Street. A search of the room revealed small amounts of meth and marijuana as well as scales and several cell phones. Leroy McCauley, 26, was charged with felony possession, possession for sales along with maintaining a drug house, possession of drugs without a prescription and misdemeanor counts of marijuana and paraphernalia possession. Rachel Butler, 25, was charged with felony counts of maintaining a drug house and possession for sale along with misdemeanor marijuana possession. She was also held on a petit larceny warrant. His bail totals $29,100. He total bail was $26,600.

• At 5:40 p.m., Patrick Langley, 43, was arrested on felony child neglect after allegedly pushing a child into the hallway of the Carson City Inn and telling the woman witness to take him “or I will end up hurting him.” He allegedly then pulled the boy back into the room and slammed the door. He was also charged with obstructing an officer. The boy was turned over to child protective services. Bail was set at $40,300.

• At 10:38 p.m., a 47-year-old was arrested on suspicion of disorderly conduct for refusing to leave the Carson Nugget. Bail was set at $150.