Carson City Sheriff’s Office: Be cautious of bicyclists on the road |

Carson City Sheriff’s Office: Be cautious of bicyclists on the road

Nevada Appeal staff report

The Carson City Sheriff’s Office is advising residents to be more cautious of bicyclists on the roadways.

With the warmer weather, more cyclists are on the roads and motorists need to pay extra attention, as they are driving, especially in residential areas where children are going to be, said Sgt. Scott McDaniel.

“You can never predict when they may unintentionally come out onto the roadway in front of you,” McDaniel said in a press release. “When you see children slow down and be prepared to stop in the event the unexpected happens.”

When passing a bicycle, if possible, move to an adjacent lane. If it isn’t possible, pass with at least a three foot clearance between the vehicle and bicycle. Safe passing is the motorist’s responsibility.

Cyclists, though, also have a responsibility to follow the rules of the road the same as if they were on a motor vehicle; including stopping at stop signs, riding the same direction as traffic and obeying traffic signals. Cyclists should also always ride on the right and as far to the right as practicable, McDaniel said. Also use hand signals for turns and stops, ride at least three feet from parked cars, listen for cars approaching and don’t ride too closely to a vehicle or ride in their blind spot. Although wearing a helmet isn’t required, it should always be done.

Cyclists also need to make sure they are illuminated at night, and lighting is required for both the front and rear of your bike. Reflective tape and spoke reflectors are also a good way to add to night time visibility so motorists can better see cyclists.

“It is both the motorists and the cyclist’s responsibility to watch out for one another,” McDaniel said. “Being a driver and a cyclist involved in a crash can be a traumatic and expensive event. Let’s work together to reduce vehicle versus bicycle crashes. Share the road and practice safe and courteous driving and riding habits.”