Carson City Sheriff’s Office arrests suspect in suspicious incidents |

Carson City Sheriff’s Office arrests suspect in suspicious incidents

Nevada Appeal staff report

UPDATE: The Carson City Sheriff’s Office Detectives received a tip from a citizen concerning the white Dodge van with California plates of 62242K2.   Detectives located the white van and  suspect Adam Autry at QuickStop Gas Station located at 3006 N. Roop Street at 4:13 pm.  Autry was taken into custody after further investigation and the van is being held for investigation.  

Autry was arrested on suspicion of  attempted kidnapping, aggravated stalking and threats.


Carson City Sheriff’s Office detectives are investigating three suspicious incidents during the past few days involving confrontations between pedestrian females and possible solicitations.

The first incident occurred in the area of the Governor’s Mansion on Saturday. The juvenile reporting party described a black, four-door sedan pulled up next to her while she was jogging and took a picture of her. A video from the security cameras in the area showed a black BMW four-door sedan was driving by the reporting party at the time she was jogging in the area. The same reporting party said a black, four-door sedan was seen driving by her residence on Monday in the central west side of Carson City.

The second incident was on Sunday. The female reporting party said a white Dodge van with California plates 62242K2 followed her to the Jacksons Gas Station at 1615 E. 5th. The male driver solicited her for sexual favors and caused a scene inside the business attempting to get her to leave with him. Detectives identified the owner of the van who’s currently in custody at the Carson City Detention Facility on unrelated charges prior to Sunday. He has been cooperating with detectives and has identified the male subject who was driving his van the day of the gas station incident. The male is identified as Adam Autry and detectives are in the process of attempting to contact him.

The third incident was on Monday at about 4:30 p.m. The female reporting party told detectives she was walking in the area of Carmine Road and Airport Road when a gray or brown van pulled in front of her. She said two younger male adults got out of the van and attempted to get her to leave with them in the van. The reporting party isn’t able to provide any further description on the van at this time and the Sheriff’s Office is still attempting to verify the sequence of events surrounding this incident. The description of the subjects doesn’t match the Sunday incident at the gas station.

Detectives are actively investigating all three incidents. Anyone with information on the Dodge van or the BMW sedan are encouraged to call Detective Morgan Tucker 775-283-7858, Capt. Brian Humphrey 775-283-7851, or the Communications Center at 775-887-2008.