Carson City Sheriff’s Office targets no turn on red arrows |

Carson City Sheriff’s Office targets no turn on red arrows

Nevada Appeal staff report

The Carson City Sheriff's Office will be focusing on drivers violating the no turn on red arrow on Fairview Drive and Carson Street.

Earlier in the year, NDOT put a no turn on red sign for vehicles trying to turn onto Fairview from northbound Carson Street to attempt to reduce congestion and increase safety for pedestrians.

However, Sgt. Scott McDaniel said people aren't paying attention to the signs and are still turning right on red lights.

"It appears however, that many drivers are ignoring the signs and are still continuing to turn often times without even slowing down to stop for the red signal," McDaniel said in a press release. "You as a driver have a responsibility to follow the traffic laws which are in place and to pay attention to signs and signals which have been placed to keep you and the public safe."

McDaniel said the reason the sign was put there was because of a large number of pedestrians getting hit in the crosswalk at this intersection.

"This allows pedestrians who are crossing to make it safely to the other side of the roadway without having to worry about being struck by a vehicle," McDaniel said.

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He said drivers need to take a moment to consider the consequences of striking a pedestrian or another vehicle and the substantial financial and possibly emotional outcomes.

"Take your time, pay attention and we can all make it to our destinations safely," McDaniel said.