Carson City Sheriff’s Office warns of scams |

Carson City Sheriff’s Office warns of scams

Nevada Appeal staff report

The Carson City Sheriff’s Office is warning residents to be wary of scams this holiday season.

Common scams include people claiming to be from government agencies and threatening arrest to callers if they don’t pay a fine or warrant. Recently, the sheriff’s office has received several reports about housing scams of people out of state renting homes online only to find out the residence isn’t for rent.

Sheriff Ken Furlong cautions residents to be suspicious about anyone they don’t know asking for money.

“If you think something is suspicious, or it doesn’t feel right, please let us know,” Furlong said. “And please don’t give anyone your financial information if they call you on the phone. If you are unsure call the agency the person is claiming to be from, don’t use the number the caller gives you.”

For anyone who believes they’re receiving a scam phone call, they can report it to the sheriff’s office.