Caution when merging urged in Carson City |

Caution when merging urged in Carson City

Nevada Appeal staff report

The Carson City Sheriff’s Office is advising drivers to be cautious while merging on the roadways.

By properly merging and being aware of other vehicles approaching, the risk of a crash minimizes, said Sgt. Scott McDaniel.

“There’s an old saying that many of you may have grown up with, “Look before you leap;” four simple words that apply in many situations today,” McDaniel said. “When pulling out onto a street or highway, you should always be looking before you ‘leap’ out into traffic.

“By taking the time to make sure that it is safe to enter the travel lane, you are showing that you are a courteous and careful driver.”

The same advice is applicable when entering intersections from a stop.

“‘Look left, look right then look left again before crossing,” McDaniel said. “By following this advice you will be able to get from one side of the intersection to the other with less risk of being involved in a crash by errant drivers.”

McDaniel said everyone should be paying attention to this, including pedestrians, motorcycle riders and bicyclists, as not everyone is a careful and attentive driver.