Lyon County inmate attempts escape |

Lyon County inmate attempts escape

An inmate at the Lyon County Jail accused of murder attempted to escape his maximum security unit Thursday night, according to officials

Ryan Coddington, arrested in connection with the murder of Alea Clark in January, attacked two deputies during a linen check, striking one repeatedly in the face. Coddington got outside of his cell block, but then went back in where officers detained him.

According to Sgt. Allan Strand, the incident turned into chaos as Deputies Herberta Parada and Jacek Sobol attempted to gain control over Coddington. The deputies tased then pepper sprayed before they were able to get Coddington on the ground and handcuff him. All three were taken to the hospital as protocol.

Coddington was charged with battery on a peace officer by an inmate and attempted escape, in addition to his original murder charge. Bail was set at $50,000. Coddington has no serious prior incidents while incarcerated.