Man arrested after high speed chase |

Man arrested after high speed chase

Staff Report
A 45-year-old man is held up by a Sheriff's officer and checked out by an East Fork paramedic behind the Douglas County Library Saturday following a high-speed chase from Jack's Valley Road.
Brad Coman |

A man was arrested in Minden after allegedly speeding down Highway 395 and into the town Saturday.

The Nevada Highway Patrol spotted the 2015 Mercedes southbound at Jacks Valley Road. The vehicle reportedly hit speeds in excess of 100 mph southbound on 395.

Within minutes the vehicle was in Minden with the driver ducking down County Road. The vehicle was abandoned near the Douglas County Public Library.

Deputies combed the area and located a 45-year-old man they believed was in the vehicle. He was tazed.

Deputies continued to look for a second man in an orange shirt, according to police scanner traffic.