New sex offender registration law in effect in Nevada |

New sex offender registration law in effect in Nevada

After a decade of legal battles over its constitutionality, the Adam Walsh law implementing new registration rules for sex offenders is now in effect in Nevada.

The law makes major changes in how sex offenders are assigned to different tier levels. Those tier levels determine how often the offender must appear to provide law enforcement with information and how long that offender is required to register.

A spokesman for the Department of Public Safety said the law eliminates subjective criteria to decide an offender’s tier, setting it by the nature of the conviction and the age of the victim.

A major change is the elimination of Tier 0 which is for offenders convicted of non-felony crimes. Some of those offenders aren’t required to register under the new law and others have expired their registration requirements.

In general, offenders are in Tier 3 if the victim was under age 13 or if the conviction is for a sexually violent crime. Those offenders must report to law enforcement every 90 days for life.

They’re in Tier 2 if convicted of a crime where the victim was 13-18 years old and must report every 180 days for 25 years.

All others are in Tier 1 and must report annually for 15 years.

A major and contentious difference between the old law and this new law is all offenders will be posted on the sex offender website, including the offender’s employer and address where previously only the block number was posted. The exceptions to that rule are Tier 1 offenders who committed crimes against adults and juvenile offenders.

Under the old law, only Tier 2 and Tier 3 offenders were posted on the public website.

That website is