Sheriff: Parents need to know what websites kids are visiting |

Sheriff: Parents need to know what websites kids are visiting

Carson City parents need to be aware of their children’s internet activities and teaching about safe interactions while on the computer.

Nationally, officials have seen a lot of social media sites and apps that are cause for alarm for parents and children. Sites such as Facebook After Dark, Kik, Snapchat and Instagram are all places that provide inappropriate interaction between children and sexual predators. Sites like these, especially Facebook After Dark contain dark worlds with sexually explicit content. Many adult sexual predators pose as younger children to lure kids to chat, exchange pictures and possibly meet in person, officials said.

“These interactions can easily be prevented,” said Carson City Sheriff Ken Furlong. “Kid’s access to the Internet needs to be monitored by parents and children need to be discussing internet activities with parents. You will never get in trouble for talking with your parents about this.”

While Carson City hasn’t had any recent incidents involving Internet sexual predators, Furlong advises children need to be wary of people they do not know on the Internet and under no circumstances should anyone meet a person they met online at a private place, like at their residence.

“Know who you are speaking with and always be suspicious of solicitations,” Furlong said. “Never agree to meet someone from the Internet in a private place.

“Online sexual predators is an intense priority of ours. We also work internally and with other agencies in identifying and prosecuting them. The Internet is a good place for bullying and taking advantage of others.”