Third woman sentenced in robbery of 99-year-old Carson City woman |

Third woman sentenced in robbery of 99-year-old Carson City woman

The last of three women accused of robbing a 99-year-old Carson City woman was sentenced to up to 10 years in prison on Monday.

Joanna Grajeda, who stole the woman’s purse containing $500 and personal belongings, was sentenced to maximum 120 months in prison for robbery with the added charge of a crime against a person 60 years or older.

Grajeda, who had no previous criminal history, was under the influence of methamphetamines and alcohol when she, along with Barbara “Bexy” Mora and Victoria Mora, followed the woman home from the Carson Nugget Casino and took her purse.

“This defendant took the purse from the woman,” District Attorney Jason Woodbury told the judge. “They stalked her like a predator home from the Nugget, and it is no comfort to the victim that (Grajeda) was on drugs and alcohol or has no criminal record.”

Grajeda told the court that she deeply regretted her decision to participate in the robbery and asked the judge to grant her probation instead of jail time.

“I feel ashamed of myself and disgusted,” Grajeda said to the judge. “I don’t want to follow my sister’s steps, I just want one chance. I take responsibility for my action and I’m sorry for that.”

Though the judge didn’t grant probation, he did reduce her prison time because of her clean record.

Barbara Mora pleaded guilty and was sentenced to the maximum 15 years for robbery and a consecutive five years for possession of stolen property. Victoria Mora was sentenced to six years in prison for conspiracy.

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