Three arrested in connection with 100 mph chases |

Three arrested in connection with 100 mph chases

Kurt Hildebrand
NHP vehicles at 1682 Mackland sit behind a 2015 Mercedes involved in a high-speed chase. The vehicle was abandoned here and the suspect fled on foot.
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An attempted traffic stop led to at least three arrests on Saturday afternoon in Minden and Stateline.

The Nevada Highway Patrol tried to stop a silver Mercedes at Highway 395 and Jacks Valley Road at approximately 3:35 p.m.

Three people involved in Saturday’s high speed pursuits are scheduled to appear in East Fork Justice Court on Wednesday.

Reno resident Timothy Phillips, 41, was arrested on Saturday after abandoning a Mercedes sedan in Minden.

According to documents filed with the court, Phillips was allegedly driving down Highway 50 at 85 mph in a 50 mph zone when the Nevada Highway Patrol radar vehicle spotted him.

The trooper followed him onto Highway 395, where the Mercedes hit speeds of 125 mph as troopers pursued him.

Douglas County deputies were waiting for the Mercedes in Minden. The vehicle was abandoned on Mackland Avenue.

Phillips was tased and taken into custody near the Douglas County Public Library. Phillips allegedly had a bag of what tested as methamphetamine and three different drivers’ licenses.

Deputies learned that someone was on their way down to Minden allegedly to pick Phillips up.

A red Toyota Rav 4 was spotted southbound on Highway 88 at 4:35 p.m. as the Phillps’ arrest was wrapping up.

Deputies pursed the Toyota with Texas plates onto Mottsville Lane where it reached speeds up to 110 mph.

Deputies broke off pursuit after the vehicle entered the opposing travel lanes, nearly causing a head-on wreck.

After they didn’t see the vehicle pass through Stateline, deputies backtracked and found it locked up at Heavenly overflow parking.

They followed tracks to alleged passenger Sunnyvale, Calif., resident Natalie Marie Murphy, 32, who surrendered.

Deputies located Sean Edward Stillwell, 38, who was allegedly hiding in a dumptruck bed.

All three were in custody in Douglas County Jail on Monday.

A hotel key found on Phillips’ person led to a search of a South Lake Tahoe hotel, which allegedly revealed a credit card reader, embosser and drugs.