Three arrested in connection with meth lab in Carson City |

Three arrested in connection with meth lab in Carson City

Nevada Appeal staff report

Three men were arrested in connection with a mobile meth lab Friday night in Carson City.

Frazier Young, 29, of Reno; Jeremy Fogelson, 29, of Gardnerville; and Jonathan Denning, 29, of Carson City were arrested on suspicion of felony manufacturing methamphetamine, felony possession of a controlled substance, felony conspiracy to violate the uniformed crime act and possession of drug paraphernalia after deputies conducted a consensual stop at the Edmonds Drive Jackpot Crossing Casino.

Special Enforcement Team deputies were patrolling the parking lot of the casino. According to the arrest report, deputies observed two people seated in an unlicensed vehicle. Deputies obtained consent from the suspects to search the vehicle with a K9, who positively alerted to drugs present.

During the search of the vehicle, deputies found a white crystallized substance, suspected to be meth. Deputies also found a black metal container with a glass pipe with a burnt bulb end, more meth, and a black backpack that contained strong toxic chemical fumes.

According to the report, the chemicals smelled like “ammonia, cat urine odor, and rotten eggs sulfurous stink.” Deputies also observed several bottles of household chemicals and a large bottle with an unknown liquid inside. These ingredients and odor are common with the manufacturing of a meth lab.

Deputies then sealed the scene around the vehicle and cleared the perimeter until Carson City Fire Department and Hazmat Team responded.

According to reports, the backpack allegedly belonged to Young and he told the other two it contained materials to make meth.

The Hazmat Team removed two bottles of gas-line antifreeze, one bottle of Roebuck drain opener, a bottle of Coleman premium blend fuel, a bag of Brite-Life iodine tinture, a bundle of lithium battery shavings and an unknown bottle of acid liquid.

Officials were able to clear the scene safely by about 4 a.m., Saturday. No issues were reported with the incident.

All three were taken to the Carson City Jail and bail was set at $53,500.