Two arrested in Carson City SWAT raid of drug house early Wednesday |

Two arrested in Carson City SWAT raid of drug house early Wednesday

SWAT officers from Carson City and Douglas County wait in the armored vehicle after executing a warrant search for a high risk drug distribution house Wednesday morning in Carson City.
Taylor Pettaway |

The Carson City SWAT Team was involved in a multi-jurisdictional narcotics operation early Wednesday morning to try and apprehend a group of high level drug traffickers.

SWAT, along with Tri-Net and Douglas County investigators and Special Enforcement Teams, conducted a warrant search at 4 a.m. at 3213 Northgate Lane in Carson City. Officers were looking for individuals involved in heavy marijuana, methamphetamine, heroin and prescription pills trafficking, said Carson City Sheriff Ken Furlong. He said that they originally suspected that there were guns in the household as well.

Eight people were in the residence at the time of the SWAT raid; two females, one male and five children. SWAT had prior knowledge of the children in the home and changed their operational tactics to ensure that no harm came to the children. Furlong and other officers agreed that getting the children out of the home was the top priority in the mission.

“Everyone got out safe and without incident,” said Charles Stettler, Carson City deputy sheriff assigned to Tri-Net. “Not a single tear was shed (by the kids).”

No one was injured and everyone was detained without incident.

SWAT created a flash bang explosion at a side window in the residence and went through the front door to apprehend the individuals inside. Two individuals were detained during the preliminary investigation, one was arrested later for unrelated warrants. The main suspect in the investigation was not in the house at the time, but was detained by Douglas County SET officers later.

The bust was a part of a three-month operation that Tri-Net had been working on the included multiple heroin, meth and prescription buys from the group as well as information from confidential informants. The group in the house were known gang members from Riverside, Calif., with an extensive history with gangs, violence, guns and drugs.

“This was a high risk search warrant because of the kids and their criminal history,” said Tri-Net Sgt. Dan Johnson. “That is why we use SWAT, because it is safer because they are highly trained and they know what to expect.”

The individuals involved were a part of a higher than normal distribution operation that dealt in both Carson City and Douglas County, which is why so many agencies were involved in the warrant execution, Furlong said.

“When agencies work together this is what happens,” he said. “We have to send the message that this is what we do, so that people know that we are doing something about the (drug and gang) problem.”

Another agency involved was the Carson City Fire Department. Furlong said that medical isn’t typically involved with SWAT calls and that this is a new way for them to operate SWAT tactics. Two EMTs went in with SWAT during the raid to ensure the safety of the children and officers as a part of this new program.

As of now, there still are suspects at large and investigations taking place. Check back later for updates, when they come available.