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Woman believes dog poisoner loose in Ranchos neighborhood

by Kurt Hildebrand

A Gardnerville Ranchos neighborhood may have a dog poisoner on the loose.

Resident Orita Keebaugh said her daughter had two expensive Labrador puppies fall sick at her Purple Sage address.

One dog died and the other is being treated by the veterinarian.

She said two of her daughter’s neighbors have also had dogs stricken mysteriously.

“There’s a high wall and it would be easy for someone to throw something over it and into the back yard,” Keebaugh said.

A six-month puppy worth $600 died as the result of ingesting a toxic substance.

The vet said it didn’t appear to be something the dogs could have gotten into on their own, Keebaugh related.

She said she is informing the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office.

A Gardnerville woman reported that her husband had spent $4,000 on the Internet somehow.

The 83-year-old said that her husband has dementia and falls for Internet scams. In this instance she said he’d answered an unknown ad on Amazon.com, which led to more than $4,000 being taken out of their bank account. She told the deputy she couldn’t figure out what the scam was exactly.

The couple’s bank agreed to return the funds to their account, but required a case number.

The deputy warned the husband to be careful when providing information online, and suggested the woman watch her husband closely while he’s online.