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Woman faces 9 counts after meth-related arrest

A Washington state woman faces nine counts, including felony possession of methamphetamine, after what began as a simple field interview because she looked like someone that officers were looking for.

Stephanie Collins, 36, was originally stopped but released after the deputy determined she wasn’t the person they were seeking. But the deputy made contact again a few minutes later after dispatch revealed convictions for burglary and possession of a controlled substance, among other things. He showed that she hadn’t registered as an ex-felon in Carson City.

According to the arrest report:

The deputy asked her to stop by his vehicle, and she cursed at him and yelled “no.” When he grabbed her hand, she fought with him, threw her open beer can and a cupcake at the patrol car and had to be forcibly restrained by two deputies. She submitted only after one used his Taser on her.

On the way to the station, she kicked the rear seat of the patrol vehicle so hard it broke the bolts holding it in place.

A search of her purse turned up a methamphetamine pipe and traces of the drug, prescription pills and hypodermic needles.

She was arrested on suspicion of felony possession of meth, gross misdemeanor possession of prescription drugs without a prescription and misdemeanors of drug paraphernalia, damaging the police vehicle, and violently resisting a peace officer as well as having an open can of beer in public.

She also faces a count of failure to register as an ex-felon and two charges from Washington: violating conditions of a suspended sentence and violation of bail conditions.

Total bail on the charges is $11,700.