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Darrell Moody: Feeling super about super teams

Darrell Moody

I’m so tired of hearing the talking heads at ESPN tell us how bad it is because of the “super teams” in the NBA.

Get with it guys. Remember the old UCLA teams and their long winning streak? That was great for college basketball. The Bruins played with a proverbial target on their back for many seasons, and it was great to see everybody take their best shot at them.

It was also great to see somebody finally knock them off. Dynasties are/were great for sports.

Why aren’t more NBA teams spending the money needed to have a great team? What many don’t realize is by signing Kevin Durant, the Warriors had to let go of some valuable reserves likes Festus Ezeli and Marrese Speights, both of whom are just as good if not better than Zaza Pachulia.

Speights was the offensive threat and Ezeli was a good rim protector. Speights opted out of his contract to go with the Clippers, and Ezeli left for more money. I’d love to see Speights opt for a lower salary and come back. He was a good fit. The center spot is an issue for the Warriors. Javale McGee can block some shots and runs the floor well, but he’s not an outside threat capable of drawing a big man away from the basket. Ditto for Pachulia.

I think it’s sad Pachulia is getting death threats from people after the incident against the Spurs’ Kawhi Leonard. I believe it was careless, but I don’t think it was intentional. Pachulia had his back turned to the shooter. Did he really know where Leonard’s foot was going to come down? Did he have eyes in the back of his head?

San Antonio coach Greg Popovich threw fuel on the flame with his remarks. Why didn’t the league fine him? If the NBA had fined Zaza for careless play, I wouldn’t have batted an eyelash. One thing everybody is forgetting is Leonard came down wrong on his foot earlier in the game near his own bench.

And, LaMarcus Aldridge did intentionally step on the foot of a Warrior. He didn’t get ripped, only because the Warrior player wasn’t injured.

So, NBA naysayers sit back and enjoy what is expected to be one of the best NBA Finals in recent memory. I look for the Warriors to take it in six games.

I do agree that containing Tristan Thompson coule be a key. He’s a force on the offensive glass, and he needs to be stopped.


Kudos to Sierra Lutheran High School for winning its first NIAA Award of Excellence in Academics, Athletics and Citizenship title.

The school will receive a plaque at the August preseason meetings.

Sierra Lutheran excels in cross country and track. The girls team won its fourth straight team title in track recently in Henderson, and the boys team finished second.


As many of you know who watch Mike & Mike in the morning, ESPN has decided to cancel the show later this year. Mike Greenberg is being given his own show, and Mike Golic will now team with Trey Wingo and stay where he is.

According to published reports, Golic and Greenberg are ticked with each other, and the relationship has become “poisonous.”

Golic was ticked because Greenberg never said anything, and I think that was wrong. If Greenberg wanted to branch out, why was he afraid to say something to Golic? After all, they had been together for more than 15 years. Golic might have been bothered, but I don’t think it wouldn’t have ruined their friendship.

I don’t think Greenberg is strong enough to carry his own show. I think he and Golic were good together which is why the show has lasted so long.

You wouldn’t know they didn’t like each other based on what I’m seeing every morning. Both are being professional on the air.

I think ESPN and Greenberg botched this one to be sure.