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Darrell Moody: Too much made about a heads up play

Darrell Moody

Obviously the talking heads at ESPN were Warriors-Cavs nonstop on Monday night and Tuesday morning after the deciding fifth game.

I love Mike & Mike, but I vehemently disagree with one thing the co-hosts said. They went on and on about LeBron’s drive to the basket against Durant and the fact KD hit LeBron on the head as he drove to the basket in game 3. Replays show LeBron tapping his head as he looked at the referee under the basket. Durant had two fouls at the time, and obviously would have come out of the game at that point in the first half.

Are you kidding me? Guys get hammered on every drive to the basket, and officials seem selective on what they call and who they call the foul on.

The only thing I agree with is both said the Warriors would have won the game/title anyway.

We will find out in a couple of years whether members of the Warriors care more about money than winning. Steph Curry will get a max deal, though he could take a few million less a year if he wants. Durant is now the best player on the team, though I think Curry will be the main face of the franchise because he has that endearing personality. I believe the contracts of Klay Thompson and Draymond Green come up first, and it will be interesting to see what the duo does. Of the two, I see Green taking less more than I do Thompson.

For this team to ascend to dynasty status, ALL the big names have to be unselfish on the court and during contract negotiations. Golden State management also has to be willing to pay the luxury tax that comes with having a great team. If it starts to really short-change people, then the team will break up in a hurry.

Another key is finding key pieces that don’t cost you a great deal.

Javale McGee was a steal at $1 million a year, and I’d like to see the Warriors keep him. He can run the floor and block shots, and that’s what Golden State needs. He’s better against certain teams than others. It was refreshing to see the tears of joy that ran down his face as he hugged coach Steve Kerr in the post-game celebration. I would like to see him be more physical down low. I like Matt Barnes at the end of the bench. He’s a tough veteran guy. He can do a lot of different things, and he most certainly liked winning a championship.


One thing has become evident this summer is the Carson Blue Jays’ lack of depth and consistency.

Carson will return three proven pitchers in Ben Nelson, Jared Barnard and Colby Zemp, but right now the team has no depth behind the trio; nobody who can consistently throw strikes and shut people down. The team needs to develop a fourth starter AND a guy who can throw 2-3 times a week out of the bullpen, because there will be several times Bryan Manoukian will need a fourth starter during the league season.

So far this summer, the pitching staff has 72 walks and 73 strikeouts. Not a good stat on any level. Location has been an issue all summer.

Where the consistency comes in is on the offensive side. Carson is hitting over .300 as a team, but it seems like a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde type of group. One game the team will score double-digit runs and get double-digit hits, but go flat two games after that. Consistency and the ability to hit with runners in scoring position needs to improve.

It was the scenario during the high school season and has continued during the summer.

The Blue Jays start play in the Manogue tournament Thursday, opening with Mike Burrows’ Dayton Smoke team at 9 a.m.