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Dave Cook, State Board of Education

The statewide tests for both English and math need to be re-evaluated because of their increased role in the No Child Left Behind school assessment. We must be certain the content and required minimum passing scores of statewide tests are appropriate for each grade level.

We need to develop alternative methods for calculating a passing score for the High School Proficiency Exam. One approach could be to give students credit when separate sections of the math test are successfully passed through multiple attempts.

I want improved remediation programs for at-risk students in English and math and non-English speaking students.

The opportunity for parents to organize new charter schools, particularly in the rural counties, has been hampered by State Board of Education regulations. Charter school opportunities need to be fair and equitable in all counties.

The Nevada regulatory process for home schooling families needs to be in accord with the national trends.

I want to return to the Nevada State Board of Education because there is so much yet to be done for our children. Carson City has given me much to be grateful for. I want to give something back to all of you in return.