Dayton biz: Oasis Massage |

Dayton biz: Oasis Massage

Oasis Massage

10198 Suite A, Highway 50 East, Mound House

246-9898 or 720-2584

Name: Rhonda Dillon

Job/position: Owner

What we actually do: We offer flexible hours and take walk-ins. Rhonda’s been a massage therapist for 10 years in a variety of massage therapies. Carmen Gallegos, who is also in the office, does energy work and offers eight types of massage and intuitive healings. We’re also giving 10 percent discounts to (former owner) Sheila Smith’s returning clients.

Family: Daughter Amanda, 28, and son Jesse, 22.

Where I grew up: Oroville, Calif.

My first job: Working in a convalescent hospital.

How I got it: Newspaper ad.

Favorite pastimes: Motorcycle riding, camping and I love children of all ages.

Best advice I ever got: Not to take things so seriously and “This too shall pass.”

What I would do with $1 million: I would take a cruise to decide what I would do with it. I’m a very conscientious thinker and believe that it’s a lot of responsibility and when you have a lot you also have much to give.

My inspiration: Massage is about caring, giving and loving and when we’re so stressed we give away our vitality and have no way to help those around us. There’s enough hate in the world; make your spot loving, part of which is to take care of yourself, your health.