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Cathleen Allison/Nevada AppeaL Elma White is the owner of the Delta Gift Shop in downtown Virginia City.

Delta Gift Shop

22 South C Street

Virginia City


Owner: Elma White

What I actually do: I do everything, I do from the bookkeeper to the salesperson for a gift shop. From souvenirs to diamonds.

Family: Two daughters, Haida, an industrial engineer in Mexico and Naihma, she’s a zoologist and marine biologist in Arcada, Calif.

Where I grew up: I grew up in McAllen, Texas.

My first job: I was a newscaster in my first job. I graduated in communications and they advertised for a bilingual. They wanted to let me have my own program, but I was married at the time and then had my daughters. Then I was a homemaker for 28 years.

How I got it: They advertised it and I went over there, spoke with the boss and I convinced him to give me a chance.

Favorite pastimes: I love music and I love to run, to jog.

Best advice I ever got: To respect other people and be as humble as you can.

What I would do with $1 million: I would do something to help abused women. I would go into that field.

My inspiration: My children; I adore my children. And also, just to be happy, keep working. For me happiness is the ultimate goal in life. And working, I will work until the day I die, because I think that helps you keep going and living.