Dayton briefcase -Handjive |

Dayton briefcase -Handjive

Cathleen Allison/Nevada Appeal Kim Sayre gives a manicure at Handjive in Mound House on Wednesday.

Handjive Beauty Salon

10196 Highway 50 E No. C, Mound House246-5335

Name: Kim Sayre

Job/position: Owner and nail technician for more than 30 years. I have been at this location almost 11 years. I also do permanent makeup, and was certified for that in 2000. Otherwise, we have a full-service salon, with tanning, two nail technicians, a hairstylist and facialist.

Family: I am married, 27 years and have two grown children, a son and daughter.

Where I grew up: I was born in Long Beach, Calif., and grew up in Southern California. Moved to Nevada in 1986 permanently, but still need a fix now and then.

My first job: Was at Kentucky Fried Chicken, I was 15, and it was close enough to walk to.

How I got it: I applied.

Favorite pastimes: I love to paint. I take a class locally in Dayton. I try to remain active, going to the gym is one of my favorites. I got my fitness training certification three years ago and continue with updates. It will be a lifelong activity. I love to travel and do it as often as I can afford. My husband and I are time-share junkies.

Best advice I ever got: I do my very best to live my life by the “golden rule.”

What I would do with $1 million: If I won the lotto, first I’d build Dayton a new community center. Then travel.

My inspiration: I’ll never retire, and I love private enterprise.