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Dayton Briefcase

Nevada Ironworks

100 Breakwater Drive,



Owner Don Hopkins

What I actually do: It’s a fitness center. It has a complement of cardio equipment including treadmills and exercise bikes, free weights and circuit training machines. We also offer step aerobics classes.

Family: Single, 71-years-old.

Where I grew up: In Missouri. I studied at the University of Missouri and actually spent my real career in the mining industry. This is a retirement job.

My first job: I was a petroleum geologist for Gulf Oil in Turkey and Nigeria, in west Africa.

How I got it: I had a master’s in geology and just went to work for an oil company as soon as I got out of school.

Favorite pastimes: Mountain biking and riding dirt bikes.

Best advice I ever got: To be fair and treat people fairly.

What I would do with $1 million: I’ve always been pretty conservative and frugal. Probably pay off all my debts and do a little more traveling.

My inspiration: When I was in between schooling and education, I was in the Marine Corps, and I was more inspired by that discipline than anything else I have ever done.