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Dayton Grooming

Chad Lundquist/Nevada Appeal Michael Viljoen, owner of Dayton Grooming, works with a pair of long-haired dachshunds at his shop on Wednesday.

45 Main St.


Name: Michael Viljoen

Job/position: Owner

Contract workers: Kim Glaspell, Virginia McBean, Debbie Williams

What I do: We’re hairdressers for pets. We’re all groomers; we each groom both cats and dogs. We’re a full-service grooming shop. I also do small-dog boarding, but only small dogs.

Family: Single, with a dog

Where I grew up: I grew up in Lakewood, Calif., and was engineering manager for Harvey’s in South Lake Tahoe. I semi-retired and bought the shop in 1999. I moved it three times until I bought this building.

First job: I was a fry cook in California.

How I got here: I’ve always loved animals. I’ve always had dogs, and always had big dogs until this one. I worked at Harvey’s, I was the building manager, and I retired from there and I had to do something. So I took a course in grooming and worked in a few shops and picked up my speed, and then decided I wanted to have my own.

Favorite pastime: I like to travel. I’ve been to Africa, Bolivia, Germany, Mexico and Canada.

Best advice I ever got: Always pay your bills before you splurge.

What I would do with $1 million: I’d pay all my bills, quit work, and travel.

My inspiration: A job well-done. I get satisfaction of working, just a work ethic I have. I went to college for refrigeration and air conditioning and went to Harvey’s, and there is nothing more satisfying than finishing a job and knowing that not everyone can do it.