Decorative screening recommended for 4th and Carson streets |

Decorative screening recommended for 4th and Carson streets

The Redevelopment Authority Citizens Committee is recommending decorative screening like the planter for the 4th Street vacant lot across from the Nevada Legislature.

The vacant lot across the street from the Nevada Legislature could soon be dressed up.

The Redevelopment Authority Citizens Committee on Monday voted to recommend allocation of $65,263 to add decorative screening to the lot at the corner of 4th and Carson streets.

“The reason the Chamber is interested in some improvement on this particular corner is it’s the only piece of the downtown puzzle that still looks very unfinished,” said Ronni Hannaman, RACC chair and executive director of the Carson City Chamber of Commerce. “I think it’s an important improvement project so this lot will look like the rest of the city.”

Hannaman said the property is used for parking during the legislative session, but the owner was amenable to having the city add screening.

Lumos & Associates provided plans and suggested three options. RACC chose a planter with a trellis screen covered with flowering vines, which can be easily installed and removed if the property is developed.

Aaron West, CEO, Nevada Builders Alliance, which owns the neighboring property where Jack’s Bar is located, said the planters can be watered under the existing contract to care for downtown’s hanging flower baskets.

The recommendation goes to the Redevelopment Authority and Board of Supervisors for approval at the board’s meeting Nov. 19.

RACC discussed other projects for possible funding using what is expected to be roughly $500,000 in undesignated funds available to be allocated at its February 2021 meeting.

One idea is to renovate the stage at McFadden Plaza, which would likely first require a study conducted by an engineering consultant specializing in sound design.

Kelly Dodge, a sound technician who said he worked on events held there, spoke during public comment.

He suggested the roof on the stage needed to be extended and enabled to hold lights and speakers, and a shade structure on the west side of the stage was needed to protect performers from the sun.

Other projects discussed that may be considered for funding at the next RACC meeting include new holiday decorations and the V&T Round House arch conceptual plan.