Derby to get national Democratic fundraising help |

Derby to get national Democratic fundraising help

Democratic congressional candidate Jill Derby said Thursday the national party has selected her race for its competitive “Red to Blue” fundraising program.

The Red to Blue program highlights Democratic campaigns across the country, offering not only financial but communications, and strategic support.

“Jill Derby is an extraordinary example of a candidate who is committed to representing the priorities of Nevada families in Congress,” said Congressman Ram Enamel, chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “Since she entered the race just over six months ago, Jill has done a remarkable job establishing herself as the candidate for change.”

“We need to move in a new direction,” Derby said.

She promised to be an “independent voice for hardworking Nevadans and move us beyond partisan politics,” Enamel said.

“This Congress has been overrun by special interests. It’s time we put Congress’ agenda back on track for American families.”

Twenty-two campaigns out of 435 districts across the country qualified for the program, which provides financial and structural aid to the strongest Democratic candidates in the country.