Dog park plans move forward |

Dog park plans move forward

Dave Frank
Appeal Staff Writer

A group of Carson City dog owners is moving forward with plans to raise money and develop a park devoted to pets.

The group has had two meetings, including one Monday, to work on ideas to create a “real, honest-to-God” dog park, according to Ilona Strull, a member of the group.

The city has several parks where dogs are allowed without a leash, but dog owners want a park where both they and their pets will have a place to socialize, Strull said.

Fuji Park, for instance, is a great place for dogs but is sometimes booked for events and not available to the public, she said.

“There’s a different social aspect to a dog park as opposed to a dog-friendly park,” said Scott Fahrenbruch, parks director of operations.

There are fewer conflicts between animals and people at dog parks, he said, and owners can let their dogs run more freely.

Even at parks where dogs are allowed off-leash, they still have to be under the direct control of the owner, he said.

What exactly the dog park could look like depends on how much money the group raises, he said. The park would be fenced in and rules would be posted, he said, but other features would depend on cost.

The group has not picked a place for the dog park yet.

Donna Curtis, head of the city parks commission, said the group wants to raise between $50,000 and $100,000 for a park where owners can “gather around the picnic table and talk about their dogs” without worrying about bothering other people.

The size of the park would probably be about three acres and have separate areas for small and big dogs, she said. It might also have features such as water fountains, a waste station and play equipment, according to Curtis.

The dog park would also be safer than dog-friendly parks because dogs on leashes won’t feel threatened by dogs off-leash, she said.

The group might also want to have several dog park locations, Strull said, and members might use fundraisers, such as a wine tasting, walk-a-thon or collection jars, to raise money to reach its goal.

The parks department would probably have a staff member check on the dog park like it does for the skateboard park at Mills Park, Fahrenbruch said, but dog owners would be “pretty much on the honor system.”

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