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Eagle Valley Middle School speech and debate students working hard

Bonnie Preston
Standing from left top row: Kamryn Main, Lander Smith, Bryce Fettic, Caydee Farnworth, Isaiah Santos, Garrett Wilson, Thomas Legott, Daniel Cazares, Diana Pierrott, and Daniela Solis Middle Row: Camilla Arechiga, Shania West, Katie Bagula, Sadie Tingle, Grace Nichols, Emma Henrie, Kenadi Carter, Jessica Knutson, Amy Funes, Amberlee Ketten Bottom Row: Haylee Busby, Kyla McGee, Mackenzie Valentine, Gillian Ladiges, and, Kianna Hettricks. Not pictured: Shannon Von Duering.
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Speech and debate at Eagle Valley Middle School has been a fun and exhilarating class from the beginning of the year.

The class is a mix of seventh and eighth grades.

Students developed speaking skills in the first quarter of school, and they gave speeches in the first semester that included impromptu, Chautauqua, expository (informative), original oratory, extemporaneous (current events) and book interpretation and a music lip sync. Now in the second semester they’re focusing on Lincoln/Douglas debates. Their topics range from government policy to current events.

Students are gaining a wide variety of skills such as researching any given topic, separating fact from opinion, analyzing a valid source, writing a persuasive speech, writing to inform, body language, as well as speaking pace, tone, and inflection and of course how to have fun with your audience.

Bonnie Preston teaches seventh grade health and speech and debate at Eagle Valley Middle School.