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Ed Diederich, Storey County Commission District 3

During my career, I spent 14 years managing multi-million dollar budgets as well as large employee groups. Most recently, I have served four years on the Storey County School Board.

I have entered the race for Storey County Commissioner because I believe that, if elected, I can help improve the fiscal management of our county and also help develop a vision for our county that is in tune with current day realities.

Our county must become fiscally responsible and capitalize on the untapped wealth that is developing in our North County project, known as the Tahoe Regional Industrial Park.

Over the past four years, our commissioners have let somewhere between $8 million and $10 million in sales tax revenue slip through the crack and go to Washoe County. Our commissioners need to focus on retaining every tax dollar that is rightfully ours and put it to the best use possible to serve our county residents and businesses.

Our commissioners must take the lead supporting projects that positively affect our county residents and businesses and publicly oppose projects that negatively affect our county residents and businesses.

It is my desire to develop processes that will guarantee our county receives the tax revenues that are due us. When our county begins collecting the tax revenues due us, we can then put those revenues to good use, to improve emergency services and public works projects for each community and properly address the lack of county office space.