Events for National Coin Week |

Events for National Coin Week

National Coin Week events ” challenges you to find five different numismatic objects: 1. A coin with an animal; 2. The oldest coin you can find; 3. A coin from a different place (country or state); 4. A coin from the year you were born 5. A coin that’s not a coin (token, medal, etc.) – bring them to any of the coin stores through Saturday: Grand Gold Coins (at the Grand Sierra), Southgate Coins (5032 S. Virginia), or Old Mint Coin (across from the museum) or the Nevada State Museum, April 26 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. to be eligible for a local and national prize drawing of numismatics treasures.

Nevada State Museum, 600 N. Carson St.

For information, call 815-8625.

For other activities and area events, visit or add your own public event.